Sunday, May 13, 2012

Javascript post processing

This is a test to see how javascript could work for post processing. In the left textarea, add terms like 'g0(0,0,0)' for rapid moves, 'g1(1,0,0)' for feed moves and then press the 'Post' button to get some GCode in the right textarea box. Some of you might wonder why? This is just a test for something bigger.

g0(x,y,z) - rapid

g1(x,y,z) - feed move

g2(x,y,i,j) - clockwise arc - i,js in absolute coordinates

g3(x,y,i,j) - counter clockwise arc

feedrate = 33.0 - feedrate

I tried to make things modal, so that unneeded terms aren't repeated. At some point the post processor needs to reside on a client machine as an html5 local file. I have a lot to learn... GCode Post Processor

JavaScript Post Processor

Program Data
GCode output

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Javascript blogger test

Cut and Paste JavaScript-JavaScript calculator I just want to try something out with this blogger software. I want to see if I put inline javascript in a post. This post might be deleted later, after the test.

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