Friday, June 8, 2012

Experimental Online APT360 Processor

APT360 WebSockets Demonstration
Edit-I have disabled the server for this, since I needed it for something else. This doesn't work anymore.
I have been playing with websockets and a Linode server. A friend of mine, Brent Muller, set up APT360 on the linode server and I created a python-tornado websocket interface to it.

Paste Apt code in the top text box and press the Post Code button. If there are no errors (be careful to make sure the first line of code begins on column one and that there is a line after 'fini') you should get gcode in the bottom pane. For those of you who know what APT360 is, have fun.

Available Post Processors: a1100m, cent1, cent2, dmb, dmb2, e4axvt, e5axtr, e5axvt, emc, webgl2