Sunday, June 20, 2010

Drag and Drop in HeeksCAD

Yesterday, several of us were chatting with Dan Heeks on #cam in irc and someone asked him if he could add 'drag and drop' capabilities to HeeksCAD. This would make it much easier to put objects and operations in order for machining.
Dan went ahead and programmed this up today and it is great.
Now it is very easy to create sketches, copy them, and then paste them into different machining operations- and then put them in a logical machining order. It is also much easier to re-order sketches to one's own liking.

Now, it is very easy to reorder the sketches in the 'Objects' panel any way that you want.

Here's what I tried and was very pleased with:

I created a profile operation with one of the sketches.

I then copied all the other sketches and did a 'paste into' the profile operation

The order that the paths are machined isn't exactly optimized:

So then I dragged the sketches into the right order, inside the profile operation:

Here is what the paths look like now:

Similarly, you can do the same thing with machining operations like profile,pocket,drill,etc.

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