Friday, July 1, 2011

Creating a rectangle with radiused corners (fillets)

I am just copy pasting this in from a reply to a question on the heekscad user's list on google groups. This might be helpful to some.

Q: How do I create a rectangular cut-out, but with rounded

A: Doing a rectangle with fillets in heekscad is pretty easy- use the sketch toolbar and look for the icon that is square- the tooltip for this is 'Start drawing rectangles'. After you select this, a box with appear in the left hand column of HeeksCAD that is titled 'input'. There is an entry for 'radius'. It might not work for you on the first try, so fill it in with a radius value and attempt to draw your rectangle on the screen. If your rectangle doesn't have fillets, right click with the mouse 'stop drawing' and then try making the rectangle all over again- then your fillet/radius values should stick this time.

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